We act as both main contractor and subcontractor in foundation and ancillary services works. Foundation works form the lowest and supporting parts of most construction works. Quality of foundation works is essential to the safety of buildings, as superstructure works are constructed over and performed on top of the foundation works.

Our Group delivers foundation works which consist of minipiling, percussive piling, rock socketed in steel H-pile and bored pile, together with pile cap work. We select different foundation works depending on the superstructure to be constructed (e.g. high-rise buildings against small structures), nature and occurrence of rocks and soils at the construction site, environmental protection consideration, neighborhood of the construction site, costs and other features.

We also provide ancillary services such as site formation and demolition works.


Site formation

Site formation works are performed to prepare a construction site for subsequent works for foundation and superstructure. They generally involve the clearance of construction site, demolition of existing structures, excavation to the design formation and/or basement level, reduction and stabilisation of existing slopes, and associated infrastructure works (which include construction of road, drainage, sewage and water works).




Demolition means dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking any building or structure or any part thereof by pre-planned and controlled methods. Demolition works generally involve the clearance of construction site, demolition of existing structures to prepare the site for foundation works that follow. There are different methods of demolition, including to top down manually; top down by machines; mechanical method by hydraulic crusher with long boom arm; wrecking ball; and implosion. The choice of demolition method depends on the project conditions, site constraints, and sensitivity of the neighbourhood and availability of equipment.